Man behind the brand


Behind the Brand: 

Humbl Hustlr is an lifestyle brand highlighting entrepreneurs and corporate 9-5 Hustlrs that are humbly elevating in their career.  


Effort is not always seen, which is why we removed the E in both Humbl and Hustlr. Often times people don’t see the hard work and EFFORT entrepreneurs and corporate 9-5 Hustlrs put into building their brand or accomplishing goals, they only see the finished product or success. 


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 Behind the Man: 

Lorenzo Gordon (above), has put in overtime to elevate his career to the next level as an entrepreneur, which is how he came to found Humbl Hustlr, an apparel brand and media platform highlighting entrepreneurs and corporate 9-5 Hustlrs. Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, Lorenzo has worked with radio stations, magazines, and marketing agencies. After working on set in 2016 for a big magazine shoot for 12 hours straight it was in that moment he realized he was definitely a “Humbl Hustlr” While most people only recognize the height of someone’s success, Humbl Hustlr celebrates the steady elevation of a person’s career. Strategically omitted from each word, the absent “E” represents the effort and hard work that the general public doesn’t see. Instead, they only acknowledge the success that is the end result of a person’s or organizations passion and determination. Like the “E” is not visible but still apart of the pronunciation so is the effort which is never seen but still apart of the process.


"I started the brand because I knew there was a need to highlight the movers and shakers behind the scenes that are humbly elevating in their career. When you come across a photo of a celebrity on the red carpet, you don't see the hairstylist that did his/her hair, you don't see the makeup artist that did his/her face, and you don't see the stylist who actually styled them. Those are the people I want to showcase." - Lorenzo Gordon